About Us

Welcome to NorthLux™ Lighting! We are a division of Waveform Lighting, an industry leader in full-spectrum and flicker-free LED lighting technologies.

NorthLux™ was established to address the growing lighting needs of those in the visual arts. Lighting technologies have continued to evolve over the years, with advances in LED lighting accelerating over the past decade. The large lighting companies choose to pursue only the high-volume, general consumer market, and those in specialty applications fail to innovate and continue selling outdated products such as fluorescent lamps and filtered incandescent bulbs.

It goes without saying that lighting conditions are of utmost importance when creating, evaluating or reproducing visual arts pieces. Oftentimes, however, high quality light is unavailable or inaccessible due to seasonal or architectural limitations, so we may compromise and settle for less-than-ideal lighting.

Photo courtesy of Heather Arenas, showing our NorthLux™ LED shop lights installed

Artificial light (i.e. light bulbs) and yes, even natural daylight, can vary significantly in their color appearance, spectrum and color rendering. This variation can cause significant errors and variation in accurate color assessment, a critical issue for those in the visual arts.

NorthLux™ products address this problem by incorporating full-spectrum, daylight-calibrated LED technology pioneered by Waveform Lighting. Our lights are the closest match to true, north-facing natural daylight, and provide stable and consistent light output for more than 25,000 hours.

Whether you're a painter looking for one light bulb, or a large textile facility requiring hundreds of lamps or fixtures, we are confident that our products can bring a dramatic level of improvement to your lighting.

We invite you to learn more about color science and explore our product offerings. All of our products are backed by a 30-day free returns policy, and include a 3-year warranty.

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